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in 2018 McGregor White Architects was commissioned by London Borough of Ealing to oversee and manage the contract to dismantle, relocate, and re-erect and extensively refurbish a modular building. 

Originally designed by architects PCKO and constructed in 2005, LB Ealing purchased the building with with the intention to provide additional much needed emergency accommodation for homeless families. 

The project was completed in June 2020 with a projected 40% cost saving over a new build project (including localised estate works).


The project is highly sustainable, recycling almost the entire building greatly reducing waste going to landfill. New heating systems, electrics along with local installation of PV arrays also greatly reduces the building's carbon footprint, bringing the building upto current energy efficiency standards.

Thought to be the only time a permanently constructed residential building has been wholly relocated, view our video to see just how this amazing feat was accomplished


A model for future homes and retrofit perhaps...?  

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